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Helping pets and people live side-by-side

29 July 2016

Kingston Council will be taking good care of our 'four-legged friends' thanks to the new Domestic Animal Management Plan.

It aims to create an environment in Kingston where people and pets can peacefully and safely coexist without adversely impacting on the rest of the community.

The plan, which 350 people commented on as part of community consultation, outlines a range of key animal issues including:

  •  off-leash areas
  •  responsible pet ownership
  •  minimising the risk of dog attacks
  •  promoting pet registration.

Mayor Tamsin Bearsley said pets, when managed properly, can bring great joy and companionship to people's lives.

"Our family loves our five-year-old maltese/shitzu Roxy and we know owning a pet is a real privilege that must be taken seriously," Cr Bearsley said.

"I encourage all pet owners to have their animals registered and microchipped, that way if they are ever lost they can be identified and safely returned home."

There are over 15,000 registered dogs and 5600 registered cats in Kingston.

Cr Bearsley also reminded all dog owners to do the right thing and keep your dogs on-lead unless in a dedicated off-lead park.

"We may be comfortable around dogs, but a lot of people in the community aren't so if your dog needs a good run around head to an off-lead park or one of our dedicated beach areas where dogs are allowed off-leash at certain times," she said.

For a full list of off-leash areas click here.


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