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Making it easier to bring lost dogs home safely

24 July 2018

Lost dogs in Kingston will be more easily reunited with their owners by Kingston Council officers.

Kingston Mayor Steve Staikos said changes approved by Council this week will make it quicker and easier for wandering pets to be returned to their owners.

Dogs collected by Council’s rangers will now be returned to owner’s workplaces in Kingston or to a nominated emergency contact.

“Pets are treasured parts of the family and Council is keen to see any lost dogs returned safe and sound to their homes,” Cr Staikos said.

“In the past, if an owner wasn’t home or couldn’t be contacted, their lost dog would be taken to the Lost Dogs Home in Cranbourne for later collection,” Cr Staikos said.

“Our officers will now be able to drop the dog at the owners’ workplace or to an emergency contact – if they are available to take the dog within 30 minutes. This change will save dog owners time and money as they will no longer have to travel to Cranbourne and pay a release fee to the pound.”

“You can also nominate two alternative contact people for Council to return your dog to if you are not available.”

Council will also introduce a first-time warning notice that will be issued to owners of registered dogs found wandering at large.

“For several years Council has been able to successfully reunite 100% of registered lost dogs with their owners, so I encourage all owners to have their animals registered,” Cr Staikos said.

Lost dog tags will also now be replaced by Council at no cost to the owners.

“Pets can make a positive contribution to our community and Council wants to make it easier for Kingston residents to be responsible pet owners.”

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