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Community to have its say on Kingswood Golf Course proposal

26 September 2017

The community will be able to have its say on the proposed Kingswood Golf Course development in Dingley Village after Kingston Council last night voted to request authorisation from the Minister for Planning to begin a formal planning scheme amendment process for the site.

If authorisation is granted by the Minister, the amendment process will include a call for public feedback on the proposed development. The Council will then need to review all submissions received and determine whether or not to refer the submissions to an independent planning panel for further review.

Mayor David Eden said Council was keen to make sure the community were given a chance to make formal submissions about the plans.
“Let me be clear – Kingston Council has not approved the plans for the Kingswood Golf Course development,” Cr Eden said.  “Last night’s vote was not about giving approval to the development but rather about starting the formal planning process so that the community can have its say.”
“This is the same process that was taken with the Mentone Hotel proposal, which allowed the community to make formal submissions before any decisions were made.”

The Minister for Planning will now consider whether to authorise Council to publicly exhibit the proposed amendment and consult with the community. If approved, Council will widely advertise the submission period.

The proposed Planning Scheme Amendment seeks to:

  •  rezone the site from part Special Use Zone (Golf Courses) and part General Residential Zone (Schedule 3) to a General Residential Zone (Schedule 2) to allow for redevelopment of the site for residential purposes
  • subdivide the land into 514 lots including 6 superlots and approval for buildings and works on lots less than 300 square metres
  • apply a new Development Plan Overlay (Schedule 7) to the site to guide the future use and development of the land 
  • apply a Vegetation Protection Overlay, Environmental Significance Overlay and Significant Landscape Overlay to protect significant vegetation on the site 
  • apply Environmental Significance Overlays to address potential impact of ground water contamination and landfill gas migration.

Cr Eden said this was simply one step in a long process. 

“Council’s planning officers have been working on the application for well over a year to ensure that all required information had been provided with the application.  Now the community will have the chance to assess the plans and have its say. Following that community feedback period, Council is required to vote on whether or not they wish to refer the matter to an independent panel for advice,” Cr Eden said. 

“No matter what Councillors decide, ultimately the final decision whether or not to amend the planning scheme rests with the Victorian Minister for Planning and this process is expected to take many months,” Cr Eden said.

Receive updates about the different stages of the Kingswood Golf Course planning process by completing the registration form. 

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