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Kingston's free tree initiative

22 August 2019

Council is keen to expand tree planting throughout our community to improve our environment and help reduce the impacts of climate change. As such, the City of Kingston is trialling a free tree giveaway for residents.

You should have received a tree voucher in your rates pack recently. The voucher entitles you to two free locally-native trees (tubestock) at our participation nurseries, but get in quick. It’s only while stocks last!

Participating nurseries
Contact one of the nominated nurseries to check supplies and arrange collection of your tree.

Council is promoting the use of indigenous (local native) plants suited to the natural environment. Please speak with nursery staff regarding your location and specific requirements.

Carrum Indigenous Nursery
Learmonth Reserve, Patterson Lakes 9776 0823
Opening hours: Tuesday and Friday 11am - 3pm, Saturday 11am - 4pm and the 1st Sunday of the month 11am - 2pm

Greenlink Sandbelt Indigenous Nursery
587 Heatherton Rd, Clayton South
0488 004 012
Opening hours: Wednesday 9am – 12pm and Sunday 11am - 2pm, available via phone weekdays 9am - 5pm

Bayside Community Nursery
315-317 Reserve Rd, Cheltenham
9583 8408
Opening hours: Saturdays and Thursdays 10am - 12pm

Frankston Indigenous Nursery
32R McCulloch Ave, Seaford
9768 1513

General tree care

When planting your tree, dig a hole two to three times as wide as the root ball of the tree. Handle the root ball carefully to keep it intact while you place it in the hole. Once your tree is positioned, backfill soil around the root ball, lightly packing the soil as you go. Use any leftover soil to create a watering well.

Tree watering is a key part of tree care. It can be difficult to recommend exact watering amounts due to the varieties of soils found in Kingston, however the following guidelines will help you to water your trees properly.

• Watering once a week is usually sufficient unless conditions are extreme. Deep, less frequent watering is better than frequent, shallow watering. This promotes deep root growth and can reduce water loss by evaporation.
• Continue to water plants/trees regularly for the first two years that they are planted. Proper watering is especially crucial during this time as the plants are working to establish themselves and to overcome any transplant shock.
• During summer trees can become stressed with the heat and low rain fall. You can help by mulching the base of the tree, mulch helps to retain moisture and suppress weed growth.


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