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Council invests millions to create new vision for Cheltenham

13 November 2018

Council has invested almost $2 million to ensure the best possible outcome for the community when the level crossings in Cheltenham are removed. 

Council has purchased two properties at 245-247 Charman Road, costing a combined $1.85m, which will help create an attractive pedestrian plaza to the new station and through to Cheltenham Park. 

Mayor Steve Staikos said Kingston Council was keen to work closely with the Victorian Government to ensure a top-quality outcome for the community.  “Council is investing to make sure the new Cheltenham has a fantastic open space area, good pedestrian access to the new station and improved links between the shopping precinct and Cheltenham Park,” Cr Staikos said. 

“We have used funding that has been set aside for new open spaces which Councils collect from developers when major new projects are built – we’re putting those funds to good use to make sure we make the most of this major infrastructure project.” 

Council’s vision for the centre – developed last year following extensive community consultation – includes new large open space pedestrian area to connect the shopping centre with Cheltenham Park, increased car parking, improved bus interchange, and new development featuring shops, offices and homes.

Cr Staikos said Council was working closely with the Level Crossing Removal Authority to ensure these improvements are included in their plans for the centre.  “This project is a once-in-a-century opportunity to set up Cheltenham for the future with the best possible outcome for the community.” 

In December 2017, Kingston Council amended the Cheltenham Structure Plan that outlines a vision for Cheltenham that includes: 

  • An expansive new open space connection providing a green link between the Charman Road Shopping Precinct and Cheltenham Park.
  • Up to 150 extra car parking spaces for users of the centre within a consolidated decked and underground car park providing convenient access into the centre and the railway precinct
  • Development above the rail trench for a mix of uses (with possible supermarket) with a six-storey height limit for most areas and an 8-storey limit on two key ‘gateway’ sites.
  • New integrated bus interchange for seamless connection with the new station entrance.
  • A mixed-use development opportunity (including a possible supermarket) on Council and privately-owned land generally located between Station Road and Railway Road. 
  • A centrally located and activated green public open space link between Station Road and Railway Road within a new higher density mixed use precinct.


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