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Kingston Gardens going green for native wildlife

24 September 2019

Kingston backyards will become havens for native animals thanks to a new Gardens for Wildlife program approved by Council.

The project will provide homeowners with an assessment of their garden and practical tips to attract native birds, animals and insects.

Kingston Mayor Georgina Oxley said the Gardens for Wildlife program had been introduced following community calls to support the program which already runs in a number of other municipalities.

“Gardens for Wildlife is a great way for Council and the community to work together to provide much-needed habitat for our native animals,” Cr Oxley said.

“Residents provide the garden and Council will offer an expert assessment and advice to get you on your way.”

“With Council working to increase vegetation in parklands and residents adding to their backyards we can increase the amount of habitat in our neighbourhoods and attract native wildlife.”

Council will appoint a part-time officer to run the program and support local residents looking to create a wildlife-friendly garden.

This year, Council also introduced a free tree voucher sent to all ratepayers to encourage more planting of native trees in our community to help green our city with over 1500 trees handed out so far.”  


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