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Call for Federal candidates to support local projects in Kingston

14 April 2019

Kingston Council is calling on federal parties to invest in key local projects including sporting infrastructure, public transport and support for industry in the lead-up to the Federal election on 18 May.

Kingston Council is seeking Federal funding for eight key projects of regional significance:

  • Creation of a new regional sporting facility at the Delta site in Kingston’s Green Wedge to help meet skyrocketing demand as a result of increasing female participation and a growing population in Melbourne’s south-east
  • Investment in a pipeline to pump recycled water to Kingston’s Green Wedge to serve market gardens, golf courses, sporting fields and parklands
  • Improved safety at Moorabbin Airport with tighter controls on how close warehouses can be built near the runways and residential boundaries
  • Creation of a freight rail hub in Dandenong South to serve the south-east industrial precinct. This will reduce the number of trucks on local roads and make it easier, quicker and more cost-effective for industry to transport goods.
  • Increased action on climate change, in-line with Kingston’s Climate Change Strategy which is working to reduce Council and the community’s emissions levels.
  • Improve bandwidth speeds provided via the NBN to key industrial precincts to help businesses stay competitive in a global market and provide local jobs
  • Melbourne’s biggest jobs hub outside the CBD is the Monash Jobs Hub, which includes areas of Kingston, but the area needs significant transport investment to ensure it remains strong over the next 30 years.
  • Funding support to upgrade the Kingston Heath regional sporting complex, a key site for soccer, hockey and baseball in Melbourne’s south-east.

Kingston Mayor Georgina Oxley said the key regional projects would make a significant difference by investing in vital transport, infrastructure and sporting facilities. “In the lead-up to 18 May election we’re calling on all parties to commit to supporting these key projects and investing in the local community,” Cr Oxley said. “We’re keen to work in partnership with the Australian Government to deliver high-quality services to Kingston and the entire region.”

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