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Delivering a facility to divert household rubbish from landfill

28 October 2021

The City of Kingston has joined 14 other councils in Melbourne’s south east to form a company to deliver an advanced waste processing alternative to landfill.

This type of company is called a special purpose vehicle (SPV) and is common in projects where there are many organisations working together.

The SPV - called South East Metropolitan Advanced Waste Processing Pty Ltd - will help councils deliver an advanced waste processing facility that will process household rubbish instead of burying it in landfill.

Kingston Mayor Steve Staikos said by signing up to the SPV we are strengthening our ability to secure the economic, environmental, and social benefits from the facility.

“The SPV has its own legal identity and will enter into a contract for advanced waste processing on behalf of participating councils,” Cr Staikos said.

Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group (MWRRG) is facilitating the procurement of advanced waste processing for councils.

“Councils coming together to form a SPV is a major milestone in what is the biggest tender for new waste management infrastructure ever undertaken by councils in Melbourne,” Jill Riseley, MWRRG CEO, said.

“The new facilities are expected to attract multi-million-dollar investment and create up to 400 jobs during construction and up to 100 permanent operating jobs.

“Advanced waste processing facilities are being used safely and reliably around the world, including in the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and North America.”

Advanced waste processing facilities are regulated by the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA). Any facility will need to be appropriately located, constructed and operated according to strict regulations that minimise risks to the environment and people.

“Advanced waste processing solutions will play a significant role in achieving the new target to divert 80% of household rubbish from landfill by 2030.

“It’s a great solution for household rubbish that would normally go to landfill. We will continue our programs to drive up resource recovery through our current kerbside recycling and green and food waste collection services, and future glass collection service as part of a holistic approach to managing waste.”


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