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Council trials touch-free push buttons at pedestrian crossing

10 September 2020

Kingston Council has taken its first step towards installing touch-free pedestrian crossing signals, to help reduce any local spread of COVID-19.

Kingston Mayor Georgina Oxley said that Council has recently installed a pair of touchless push buttons at the pedestrian operation signal crossing on Rayhur Street, near Westall Train Station.

“We are trialling these touch-free signals, to determine their effectiveness at managing traffic and ease of use for community members. If they’re effective we’re planning to roll out more soon,” said Cr Oxley.

The touchless push button looks similar to a normal push button but has an additional sensor that helps to trigger the pedestrian crossing light without needing to touch anything.

“Touch-free pedestrian signals are safer to use than conventional buttons, as they reduce the chances of COVID-19 or any other viruses being transmitted and spread within the Kingston community,” said Cr Oxley.

The technology can be retrofitted into existing hardware, which means that installing it will not require a full replacement of the city’s pedestrian operated traffic signals.

“This is good news as it means that if the trial is successful, the touchless push button will remain permanently at Rayhur Street. We have also identified several other locations where we could trial these touch-free pedestrian crossing sensors; and will work with the Department of Transport to determine where we could further extend the program,” said Cr Oxley.

“Kingston Council is committed and open to all suggestions that may help us combat the spread of COVID-19 within our community.”


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