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Council releases revised plan to manage and protect Kingston’s Green Wedge

29 March 2021

Kingston Council has updated its Green Wedge Management Plan to better protect our Green Wedge from inappropriate uses and encourage more open space, agricultural possibilities and recreational opportunities.

The draft plan, which will now go out for community input, identifies the values and features of our Green Wedge and the environmental and natural resources that should be protected. It also recognises the needs of the local community and makes recommendations around how the land should be used in the future.

Kingston Mayor Steve Staikos said the 2021 draft Kingston Green Wedge Management Plan is a comprehensive plan that will ensure Kingston’s important Green Wedge is protected for future generations.

“Our Green Wedge Management Plan was first developed in 2012 with a 20-year action plan, but a lot has happened since then and it was time to update the plan,” Cr Staikos said.

“This draft plan responds to all the Green Wedge issues that exist in Kingston today, and will see it protected from uses that don't fit within our long-held vision for our Green Wedge.”

“Importantly it also reinforces Council’s position that the Suburban Rail Loop Authority’s preferred location of the train stabling yards in Heatherton is unacceptable. Council fully intends to defend the Sandbelt Open Space - Chain of Parks Strategy, and this important core parkland, which has been earmarked for a women’s regional sporting precinct.”

The revised plan includes a number of other key changes to the 2012 plan, including:

  • Inclusion of Council-endorsed Chain of Parks Masterplan
  • Recognising the significant progress made in closing landfill sites, and their rehabilitation
  • Embedding the proposed Purple Pipe (recycled water) project
  • The completion of the Dingley Bypass and advanced construction of Mordialloc Freeway
  • Changes in State Government Policy including reformed zones, the introduction of Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 and Planning Practice Note 62: Green Wedge Planning Provision
  • Approval of Amendment C143 which rezoned the northern section of land off Kingston and Heatherton Roads from Special Use Zone Schedule 2 to Green Wedge A Zone to prohibit landfill and materials recycling
  • Recognising the approval of the Hawthorn Football Club’s significant planned investment into the Green Wedge by providing for an innovative redevelopment of a former landfill site

An Agricultural Preservation and Strengthening Strategy has also been prepared to support the plan.

Since the adoption of the 2012 plan, Council has completed and planned investments which exceed $22 million from our Green Wedge capital reserve fund to directly deliver the Chain of Parks for South-East Melbourne.

Our achievements include:

  • Rehabilitating and opening of the 34-hectare Spring Road Reserve in Dingley Village in 2016.
  • Land purchases in Clarinda and Dingley Village totalling approximately $4 million to enhance and protect existing Chain of Parks parkland.
  • The current completion of the 4-hectare Elder Street South Park at a cost of $2 million in Clarinda.
  • Working with Cleanaway on the rehabilitation and redevelopment of the Victory Road Landfill to create a 31-hectare park in Clayton South.
  • Significant improvements to Heatherton Park in Clayton South, including landscaping, plantings and playground renewal.

To find out more about Kingston’s Green Wedge and have your say on the draft Kingston Green Wedge Management Plan, visit from Tuesday 6 April with consultation closing on Tuesday 4 May 2021.



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