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Council rejects Kingswood Planning Scheme Amendment Proposal

17 October 2018

Kingston Council has voted to abandon the Planning Scheme Amendment process to rezone Kingswood Golf Course.

Councillors voted unanimously to abandon the process at a Special Council Meeting held tonight.

Kingston Mayor Cr Steve Staikos said that the decision comes following a six-week public consultation period which attracted 8,000 public submissions (more than 7,000 individual), the largest number ever received by Council for a Planning proposal.

“The overwhelming majority of submissions opposed the proposed rezoning and construction of hundreds of homes on the former golf course. Councillors want the community to know that we have read their submissions and we have heard them,” Cr Staikos said.

Tonight’s Special Council Meeting was keenly watched by community members, who viewed the live stream online or filled the public gallery in the Council Chambers.  “Kingston is proud to be fully transparent and accessible. We live-stream every Council Meeting on the internet for the community to access,” said Cr Staikos.

The private owner of the Kingswood Peninsula Golf Course site, at Centre Dandenong Road Dingley Village, had lodged an application with Kingston Council to:

  • rezone the site from part Special Use Zone (Golf Courses) and part General Residential Zone (Schedule 3) to a General Residential Zone (Schedule 2) to allow for redevelopment of the site for residential purposes
  • subdivide the land into 514 lots including 6 superlots and approval for buildings and works on lots less than 300 square metres
  • apply a new Development Plan Overlay (Schedule 8) to the site to guide the future use and development of the land
  • apply a Vegetation Protection Overlay, Environmental Significance Overlay and Significant Landscape Overlay to protect significant vegetation on the site
  • apply Environmental Significance Overlays to address potential impact of ground water contamination and landfill gas migration.


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