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Rescission Motion helps put Bay Trail back on track

12 February 2019

Kingston Council is closer to pushing ahead with plans to build the missing link of the Bay Trail after more than two decades of delay.

At a Special Meeting on Monday 11 February, Council resolved via a Rescission Motion, not to proceed with referring the project to IBAC for further review.

“We’re keen to get on with this important community project that has been waiting for action for more than 20 years. At no point in time was any evidence presented to warrant making a referral to IBAC and all decisions have been made in open Council meetings with full transparency,” said Kingston Mayor Georgina Oxley.  

“It is disappointing that the focus of discussion has moved away from completing the missing link of the Bay Trail, which will provide a safe off-road path for pedestrians and inexperienced cyclists,” said Cr Oxley.

 “Residents across all of Kingston have made it clear that they want our natural environment protected and enhanced. They want improved animal habitat and increased tree canopy, this is what makes Kingston very unique.”

“The Bay Trail plan meets all VicRoads and Australian safety standards, is supported by Bicycle Network Victoria as safe for cyclists and provides plenty of parking, while protecting the most environmentally significant areas of vegetation. This plan strikes a nice balance between the environment and infrastructure.”

“Council will also be beautifying Beach Road by planting an Avenue of Honour to create a stunning and welcoming entry into the City of Kingston, which celebrates our City’s rich history.”  

“This boulevard will complement the City’s aim to ‘green Kingston’. We have planted street trees across most of Kingston; But to date, one of our city’s most significant streetscapes, Beach Road, has missed out. By planting trees, we aim to create a welcoming entry into Kingston along our beautiful waterfront.”

Cr Oxley said the decision-making process for the Bay Trail had been open and transparent.

“Councillors have voted on these matters in open Council meetings, and the processes, planning application, VCAT appeal and awarding of contracts has been compliant with relevant legislation, open, transparent and most of all democratic,” Cr Oxley said.  “No evidence has been produced to warrant an IBAC review.”

Item 3.2 slated to be discussed at last night’s Special Council Meeting has been adjourned until next week due to a lack of quorum, after several Councillors left the Chamber.

“We will resume the Special Council Meeting on Monday 18 February to clarify details around the 10 December 2018 Resolution for Item 10.7, to move ahead with the construction of the shared path between Naples Road in Mentone and Rennison Street in Parkdale,” said Cr Oxley.  


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