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Health and Wellbeing

The Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 identifies that local government councils in Victoria have a role and responsibility to ‘protect, improve and promote public health and wellbeing within the municipal district’. This requires councils to develop a Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan every four years after each Council election. 

Kingston’s Public Health and Wellbeing Plan (PHWP) 2017-2021 provides a strategic direction for Council’s work to improve the health and wellbeing of the community. Health and wellbeing is of high importance to Council - supporting and enhancing it enables everyone to enjoy great lives in Kingston. 

Read the PHWP 2017-2021 to understand Council's priorities and objectives for creating a healthy, safe and connected community, which are: 

1.     A healthy and well community
1.1  Increase participation in physical activity
1.2  Increase healthy eating habits
1.3  Improve mental wellbeing
1.4  Reduce harm from consumption of alcohol and other drugs, smoking and gambling
1.5  Increase immunisation rates

2.    A safe and secure community
2.1 Improve community safety
2.2 Improve perceptions of safety
2.3 Reduce prevalence of family violence

3.    A connected community that participates
3.1 Increase participation in community activities and volunteering; and reduce social isolation
3.2 Improve social cohesion
3.3 Ensure facilities, services and open spaces are accessible and equitably provided

4.    A liveable community
4.1  Improve environmental resilience and sustainability
4.2 Increase the availability of affordable housing
4.3 Increase participation in the workforce and local economy
4.4 Increase participation in learning and education


Health and wellbeing profile

We prepare a health and wellbeing profile to inform the update of each PHWP. This looks at a range of data to understand health status and health determinants in our community. The main data sources are:

  • Kingston Health and Wellbeing Survey - conducted in November 2020 by Metropolis Research
  • Census 2016 and population forecasting data 
  • Victorian Population Health Survey 
  • Crime data 
  • Australian Early Development Census
  • Social Health Atlas of Australia
Explore Kingston's health and wellbeing data

A range of reports have been prepared to analyse and understand the health status and health determinants in our community. These consist of:

We conduct a Health and Wellbeing Survey every four years to track how the data changes over time and inform each update of the PHWP. You can explore this data through the following reports and dashboard below:

Limitations: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander demographic has not been included because of low sample size (5 people, 1% of sample). LGBTIQ+ demographic has a low sample size (14 people, 2.9% of sample) 

You can further explore population forecasting, demographic, economic and ward profiles of the Kingston community on Kingston's demographics page.  

Contact the Social Development Team with any questions at or 1300 653 356.