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How to reach your goals

Waves has everything you need to help you reach your goals!

Professional Advice and Support Goal Setting 

We provide introductory sessions on commencement of your membership so you can get started the right way. With a personalised plan to achieve your goals, we'll ensure you are on track to achieve the results you want. 

Program Design

We provide free program design sessions in which we will customise your program based around what you want to achieve and what you enjoy. All customised programs take into consideration any injuries and goals or general soreness (lower back pain) to ensure we can develop a program that will both suit you and be something you can confidently complete. 

Program Show Through

With support, guidance and the correct technique you will greatly enhance the results you get from your workouts.

Dietary Advice

Seek the advice you need from our professional staff to fine tune your diet. They have tips and hints on weight loss/ weight gain or even sport-specific training.  

Regular Re-consultations

Continually updating your program ensures you are on the right path to achieving great results. Free re-consultations are there to ensure you keep improving and challenging yourself.  

Tracking and Motivation Support

When you commence a program with us we are committed to helping you achieve your goals, so we care if you don’t attend. With regular mail outs for non-attendees we aim to motivate you to come back and continue your program. For those who are tougher to motivate we ensure a follow up call is made to help you get back in and continue towards your goals.   

Goal Setting Tips 

Write your goals down and keep them somewhere visible! Must be achievable - most importantly in your eyes! Don't make it too easy, if your goals are easily achieved they haven't been set properly. Set yourself a challenge and put your mind to it. Make a few goals; Readily achievable, challenging and difficult goals that you can set for yourself. They need to be measurable so you can easily identify whether they have been completed or not. Come in and see one of our professional staff to share your goals and draw up a plan to achieve them!