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Kids & Teen Fitness

K-FIT  (8-11 years)

Wednesdays 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Activities include a combination of indoor and outdoor games, coordination activities, strength, flexibility, balance and basic fitness exercises.



Tuesdays 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Sessions are structured to develop teens strength and fitness according to their growing bodies. Teens will prepare their bodies for the demands of sport, improve confidence and gain knowledge for a healthier future.

ACTIVE TEEN MEMBERSHIP  (14+ and 16+ years)

>    Access to BOTH City of Kingston Leisure Centres - Waves in Highett and Don Tatnell in Mordialloc

>    Access to gym, group fitness, aqua and wellness classes**

>    Access to aquatic areas, including pools, spa, sauna and steam room**

>    Consultation with a qualified trainer to provide guidance and write an appropriate program. We will guide them with a focus on building strength, speed, power and agility.

>    Great for high school students and athletes looking to achieve peak performance in their chosen sport

** Teens 14-15 years are restricted and unable to utilize weights in the gym or attend weight bearing classes. They also have NO access to steam, sauna or spa. This is for teens aged 16 years and over.