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By 2031 Kingston’s population is estimated to grow by 24,000 people. To help protect our quieter residential streets, Kingston Council is encouraging this growth in key activity centres close to public transport.
Apartments are expected to make up 16% of homes in Kingston by 2031. Apartment-living is a relatively new trend in the area so Kingston Council this year conducted research to find out who will be living in local apartments and what sort of services will they need.

Earlier this year Council surveyed people who currently live in a local apartment or own one and intend to move in within the next five years. More than 300 people took part in the survey to help us get a clearer picture of who they are, what attracted them to apartment living and what services they were looking for. The results will help Council with its forward planning on a broad range of local services including kindergartens, in-home care for seniors, transport initiatives and much more. 


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Planning for our future
The Victorian Government is planning for population growth right across Melbourne.  As a result, Kingston ‘s population is expected to grow by an extra 24,000 people by 2031.
Kingston Council has long campaigned to have this extra population growth managed through strategic development located in key activity centres that are close to public transport, shops and services.
This aims to reduce the impact of medium-density development on quiet residential streets.
Council is working on a host of projects to help plan for the future including:

  • Improved public open space areas in key activity centres – including the new piazza in Mentone and the upgraded Tuck Plaza in Moorabbin.  Both these projects are currently under construction and will provide attractive, public spaces.
  • Improved bicycle networks around train stations to encourage cycling, where practical, to reduce the number of cars and parking.
  • Improved on-street resident parking.  The number of car parks that must be provided in new developments is set by the Victorian Planning Scheme.  Kingston Council believes the current requirements of one space for a 1-2 bedroom apartment is inadequate.  Kingston Council is introducing resident parking permits in key high-demand areas. In an effort to encourage developers to include more parking on-site, these permits are not open to residents of multi-unit development.