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Service Clubs Network

The Kingston Service Clubs Network meets four times a year to work together on joint projects. Clubs involved include Rotary, Lions and Kiwanis Clubs.

Purposes of the network:

  • Assist those disadvantaged in the community
  • Assist the whole community and provide support where required
  • Communicate with other service clubs to learn about what each club is doing and discuss problems that can be handled by service clubs
  • Meet with Council staff and Councillors
  • Encourage clubs to think beyond issues involved in their particular club
  • Plan future activities for service clubs

Objectives of the network:

  • Build fellowship between service clubs and Kingston Council to unite organisations and provide an avenue for discussion.
  • Share information between service clubs and Kingston Council to increase our capacity to develop our local community.
  • Combine resources, abilities and skills on community projects in a consistent approach.
  • Identify strengths and needs in the community which help to prioritise community projects and requests for funds.
  • Promote activities and events occurring in the future by Council and service clubs.
  • To assist other clubs with their activities and events by providing information, resources and promotion.
  • Share information about projects to be able to assist in positive manner.
  • Achieve coherent service clubs, where all are well informed but do not interfere with other club projects.
  • Work on one joint project that will benefit the whole community.  

Contact Us

To become a member of the Kingston Services Clubs Network, contact the Community Engagement team on 9581 4809 or email