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Plans and Publications

Plans and Publications including current news and planning for the future of Kingston.

Council Plan and Budget

Council Plan and Budget

Find out about Kingston's Council Plan for 2017-21.

Strategies and Plans

Discover strategies, plans and policies Council has developed with the community to guide its services, projects and activities.

Annual Report

The 2016/17 Annual Report describes our operations, accomplishments and challenges for the year. It demonstrates our commitment to be transparent and accountable.

Kingston Your City (KYC)

Kingston Your City is the official journal of the City of Kingston. Distributed bimonthly, it covers the latest developments, important information and community news in Kingston.

Community Satisfaction Surveys

Each year, Council participates in the State Government's Community Satisfaction Survey. This survey is coordinated state-wide by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.


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Charter of Human Rights

The Charter protects twenty Basic Human Rights (eg cultural rights, recognition and equality before the law, freedom of expression) , and these rights are aimed at assisting people to live with Freedom, Respect, Equality and Dignity.

Multicultural Community

The City of Kingston is a proudly diverse municipality, with residents from over 150 countries of origin, speaking 120 languages and following over 28 faiths.

Living Kingston 2035

What do you wish for Kingston in 2035? Find out more about the community's vision for Kingston in the future.